eastsrikewest - We're Important And We Keep The City Running. We're Important, We're Important, We're Important.

eastsrikewest – We’re Important And We Keep The City Running. We’re Important, We’re Important, We’re Important.

eaststrikewest took the independant music scene by storm when they released their debut album WOLVVES a few years back. They are now back with their follow up album, and if you like your music to be non-commercial and interesting, then this needs to be in your collection. To describe the album in three words: Epic, Joyous, Thunderous.

  • Bless!
  • Twisting Muscles
  • The Outsider
  • Must Not Sleep, Must Warn Others
  • Waking From Comas
  • Marionettes
  • Red Sun
  • With One Last Breath