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The American Dollar – A Memory Stream [2 x LP]

The album comes housed in a massive triple panel gatefold on upgraded 350gsm white carton stock with UV high gloss laminate. We traded the white inner paper sleeves for poly-lined inner sleeves which will help to preserve this masterpiece. Each record comes with a laminate numbered drop card which will have the code to download the album in high quality mp3 format.

The album itself contains special live extra bonus songs on the D Side which are actually the first two tracks from the Live In Brooklyn album.

A1 – The Slow Wait, Part 1
A2 – The Slow Wait, Part 2
A3 – Call
A4 – Bump
A5 – Intermission
B1 – Lights Dim
B2 – Transcendence
B3 – Our Hearts Are Read
B4 – Anything You Synthesize
C1 – We’re Hitting Everything
C2 – Starscapes
D1 – The Slow Wait (Pt 1) (Live)
D2 – The Slow Wait (Pt 2) (Live)